Forecast solar stopped working and became unvailable

A couple of days ago I started playing with the parameters of my Forecast Solar integration and all of a sudden the integration became unavailable.
I had 3 services, one of which was showing “rate limit for api calls reached”; I thought I had made too many changes in one day so I waited a few days to see if it started working again but it didn’t (I could still see the rate limit error). I also tried to delete this particular service, but the other 2 are still showing as unavailable.
What can I do?

same issue here

Same here, can’t get it to work anymore.Normally it resets automatically after a few days.

It’s working again for me too

Hi, how did you fix it. It is still not working here. Restarted, disable enabled the stuff but still doesn’t work.

No idea, it randomly came back

Not that it’s a useful integration anyway; it’s almost always wrong (overestimating), despite the PVGIS looking pretty accurate