Currently I have 48 panels on my roof of which they are are on different sides of the roof, so I have 22 facing one direction and 26 facing another, both sets are at the same Declination, but each group has a different Azimuth. Would be great to be able to provide this information so that the best possible estimate can be generated.

I just did a quick test, you should be able to set up the integration twice. Have you given that a try?



I’ve got 4 copies of the integration setup, then I have template sensors that add them together for total sensors.
You can include all of them on the energy dashboard and they will be summed.

I’ve got this set up too. The red exclaimation marks haven’t gone away in two days.
The error is “Retrying setup: Rate limit for API calls reached. (error None)”. Any ideas?

Same problem here. Set up 4 sets of Panels (different angles, different orientation). Got the red exclamation mark almost instantly. this was 2 days ago. In Settings->Integrations i also got a red border around Forecast.Solar with the error message beeing something like "Retry setup: 500, message=‘internal Server Error’, url=URL('*******)
I was also a little surprised, as i typed the shown IP into my Browser. The IP gets resolved to

Invoice??? and who’s Knut Kohl? Maybe we exceeded the “free” quota due to the multiple setups. Maybe the provider messed up something…

same problem here!

I am also wanting to add in forecasting for a second pv array, apologies for the noob question but how can I set up the integration twice?

Just click “Add Integration” and search for “” again. That should then allow you to create another instance of the integration.

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Thank you, got it working now - brilliant.

Total template noobie here and this same use case is forcing me to learn! As I had to do a lot of guess and check and ask on discord, this may be useful to someone else (or could even be improved). Here’s what I did:

#Template to combine values from the two arrays
  - sensor: 
      - name: "Total Energy Production Tomorrow"
        unit_of_measurement: "kWh"
        state: >
          {% set east = states('sensor.energy_production_tomorrow') | float %}
          {% set west = states('sensor.energy_production_tomorrow_2') | float %}
          {{ ((east + west)) | round(1) }}

Took various iterations of getting it wrong, so hopefully this is useful to someone.


I noticed my forecast solar integration doing the same thing 500 - Internal Server Error and it’s been like that for about a week. Is anyone’s still working?

Was broken last 6 hours and started showing data again. Service is not really stable. Probably over used by ha people and no monitor engineers on it …

I don’t know, why the IP is used for requests, this will not work.

Thats me :wink: the operator of Forcast.Solar

Yes with the multiple widgets you will definitly reach the rate limit of the Public API, please see here.


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If we have two+ integrations for 2+ inverter/s strings for one household does the chart for a forecast of solar production sum all strings?

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Before I start to use this integration and maybe hit the same ‘free’ quota limit (I need to setup 2 instances for an east/west setup), I have 2 questions:

How many calls per hours does this integration make in the standard setup?
Is this configurable?

@Forecast.Solar Can you answer these questions?

Two Things:

  1. Thanx for providing a useful service! How can we support this so the free quota will stay free? Is Support needed in any way?
    To Knut and anybody else:
  2. I have an issue where the forecast seems to be off, as in “too optimistic”. GPS and any angles are correct, europe, no offsett used, peak wattage is 2000, batteries and inverter can do way more. I’m using a selfmade method at the same time, by combining the angle of the sun with the percentage of clouds in the sky and the peak watt (2000) of our solar panels, and this is most of the times way below the values of, which is overestimating the produced energy regularly.
    I do no use any offset as the panels are by far the weakest part of the system. Anybody experiencing the same? Any Ideas why this might happen?
    Does work with clouds?