Forgot my username

OK, so I am feeling like an idiot. I forgot my username for Home Assistant. I can still acces through the iOS app on phone and iPad. Is there a way to find the username through the app?


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Have you installed the SSH addon? You cloud simply log in and have a look at the auth file at /config/.storage

I’m new to Home Assistant, so perhaps there are easier ways.

No, but happy to try. How would I “log in” if I dont remember my username?

Well, If you’ve still got access via your mobile, just add your password or SSH public key to the SSH-addon configuration and log in as “root” via SSH.

Hey, thanks a ton. I very much appreciate it. I am a total noob and not yet familiar with coding. I am getting a “Bad gateway” message in the Terminal & SSH Web UI. What should I do at this point? I am thinking about installing the “other” SSH add-on and try that one. With that said, could you provide exactly what I should type in the SSH? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again.

So, I just installed another terminal & SSH and am getting the same 502: Bad Gateway error. I am at a loss. I Don’t know what to do at this point.

What username are you talking about? Normal HA Core username can be found at the bottom of the sidebar?

I am looking for the username for HA Core on RPi4. The bottom of the sidebar depicts my full name. When I try to login with that, I also get an error. I am usually really anal about this. I use 1Password for everything, but I apparently forgot to record the Username for the local.

Dang! Totally forgot that this is not the real username. Can you create a new user?

Yes. I can? Could I do that and make that the “owner”?

Yes, you could. But self-editing files in .storage is absolutely not recommended by the devs.
Mainly you will be able to login on a computer (I don’t like editing/searching/configuring on mobile myself, so you can totally skip this step).

How do you usually access your configuration.yaml or any other files? I assume you either have Samba share, File editor or Virtual Studio Code installed?

  • Samba share:
    navigate to your shared “config” folder in the explorer (finder on Mac). Usually the files starting with a dot are hidden (mac: cmd+shift+. / windows: google “show hidden files windows”) you can then access the .storage folder and finally the auth file to find the real username (open with TextEditor on mac). If the .storage folder is still not there, go to the addon configuration panel, exclude it from the “veto_files” and restart the addon.
  • Virtual Studio Code:
    go to settings, scroll down to “Files: Exclude”, remove “**/.storage” and the folder will show up immediately in the VS Code explorer.
  • File editor:
    go to the addon configuration panel, exclude it from the “ignore_pattern”, restart the addon.

Let me know if you need further assistance!

I know this is an old topic, but for anyone that ends up here like I did: If you still have access on mobile device, go to Profile, turn on advanced mode. Then, go back to the menu, go to configuration, and Users will be an option about 6 options from the bottom of the list.


Thanks, that helped me. :slight_smile:

Thanks, helped me too :+1: