Forked-daapd configuration and usage

Hello, folks. I need some serious advice here, because i cannot get some things with the whole forked-daapd - Airplay thing.
So, i managed to install forked-daapd server via docker image (linuxserver/daapd:latest) i added it to host network, mounted music library, config and log directory from the host machine to container. Thing is up and running now (even generated .db file).
I set up a forked-daapd integration, in HA, and i have three devices now from this integration: server, server output and my AirPlay speaker (HK Aura).
I can now open Forked-daapd web interface, and play stuff to my speaker. I can see status of playback in HA, server integration instance.
But is there any way to control forked-daapd from a Lovelace or automation? Is there a wiki page? Do i need some other integration or I just miss something.


all of the speaker endpoints available in the daapd server should be exposed as media_player entities in HA. you can turn those on and off and individually control volume of each endpoint.

Thanx guys, it was a bit tricky to get at first glance but is actually very easy, after you actually get it!