Format/Examples of an Intent for the fullykiosk.load_url service

I’m trying to get HA to start an app on a wall panel running Fully Kiosk. I can do it using

 service: fullykiosk.start_application

but I need to pass what in Windows or Unix would be command line options, but apparently this is not how Android works and I’m told I need to use:

service: fullykiosk.load_url
  url: "intent"

Unfortunately I have no idea what an intent is or what it would look like!
Does anyone have any examples of what an intent for this service would look like?
(Specifically, I want to start VLC with an rtsp stream coming from a camera)

Edit: I have now worked out the Intent needed to start VLC, but still looking for how to include the stream:

url: intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=org.videolan.vlc/org.videolan.vlc.StartActivity;end

Edit: Those fantastic guys at Fully Kiosk gave me a solution:

url: intent://user:[email protected]:554/stream2#Intent;action=android.intent.action.VIEW;scheme=rtsp;component=org.videolan.vlc/org.videolan.vlc.StartActivity;end

The stream in the example (user:[email protected]:554/stream2) is for a Tapo camera so needs adjusting to suit your own camera.

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