Formatting SD Card


My Home Assistant started playing up where I couldnt access the GUI after one of the updates, I decided to start over from scratch.
I am having issues reformatting the SD card (16GB card) back to factory so I can reimage the card. I have tried many of the suggested formatting applications, dispart etc but I still have the 32MB partition that won’t delete.
Any other recommendations besides buying a new SD card?

Use this

tried that tool but get Formating Failed, notice the volume name also


Quite likely the card is damaged, and that indeed may be the reason your install stopped working in the first place.

Anyway formatting does nothing to help. Installing the SD card image formats the card in any event.

Since you seem to format the card under Windows; I found that lots of tools have issue to cope with media using other than fully supported by Windows file systems. I’d advise to use diskpart tool (Windows native one) to clear all partitions prior to trying to format… Saved me few times. Also if diskpart won’t be able to delete partitions… it really means SD is damaged.

Sdcard formatter formats all, thus including “partitions”. If that doesn’t work card is almost sure broken.