FortrezZ MIMOLite as a pure sensor


Ive been looking for a way to add a sensor to my HA to detect a driveway alarm which is hard wired to a bunch of piezo buzzers around my house that beep when a car is detected on the driveway. Would really prefer not to replace or add another physical driveway sensor as this one is very reliable and foolproof and burried under our long driveway.

The driveway sensor is a cartell cf-2c vehicle detector the manual is online @

I was hoping to use the MIMOlite to detect the voltage off the sounder wires. Using a voltmeter I see a 12V DC spike on the sounder wires when the sensor is tripped.

Can I place one of the signal wires on the same terminal as the sounder and the other to ground and get a z wave signal when tripped with this device? I dont actually need the relay right now.