Forum test before removing banner

Only allow removing of the code formatting banner once a member has used the preformatted text button at least once.

That would be awesome, but isn’t currently supported via Discourse and we aren’t in a position to start making those kind of low level changes. I’d also add that for the 3 years we did have it up there, I still saw plenty of people not knowing to hit the button when pasting code. Leaving this feature open though!

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At least we could point the banner out in those years.

I’ve just seen a new user who has the banner hidden and does not know how to format pasteded code :roll_eyes:

and is ignoring explicit instructions on how to post it and has taken his bat and ball and gone home

Couldn’t we add that banner or @finity’s gif, or a link to it in the editor?

We’re talking about removing the banner entirely now that we have the code formatting popup.

EDIT: It’s gone!

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