Forwarding existing home security sensor values


My home currently have wired door and window sensors via ADT. The control panel and keypad are BHS-3000a. I opened the control panel box and located where the sensor wires are going into.

I would like to know if it is possible to keep the monthly subscription and some how have a device hooked up to the zone wire terminals to sorta repeat/forward the sensor values to home assistant while still keeping full functionality of the ADT system? (This is for my parent’s home and they are adamant about keeping the subscription.)

While its unlikely you’ll find a solution because of the way ADT and others lock down their panels and use proprietary equipment, one thing to look for is some kind of wired to wireless bridge for your specific system or hardware. My 2GIG system has something like that available for integrating older wired components in to the newer wireless panel. Not sure if it would help in your case, but a possible track to investigate. Another consideration, some newer sensors have both wired and wireless outputs. Since you listed a Brinks-era sensor, I’m doubting it has wireless capabilities, but something to consider as you forge a path.

Since you mentioned ADT, I used to have Protection 1 (they recently got bought out by ADT) and I will never sign a contract again. I’m currently using another non-contract month-to-month provider. I can manage my own equipment without meddling from them (add components, change config, use Zwave, whatever), I still get, and its 1/2 the price I was paying before. They’re good too. I actually had a sensor fall off a window setting of the alarm while I was at work. Of course, I didn’t know that was the cause. They contacted me, then at my instruction contacted the police, who investigated and thankfully found no break-in. Embarrassment on me for poor mounting of my sensor, but the bottom line is the response was spot on. fwiw

I would first search the internet to see if other had done this and see if I could use a raspberry pi. If I found nothing. I would start by removing one of the door sensors wires and test the voltage when door is open and closed. I would then see if i could put in gpio pin on a raspberry pi to see if I can get the pi to read that voltage when the door is open and closed. This could all probably be determined online with some research but could also be done experimentally.

Alarm contacts can be wired to RasPi GPIO.
RasPi GPIO can output to ADT

I used RasPi with wired sensor for a while. It was reliable and provided better details on what was happening in home or ain zones covered by sensor.

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No too long ago I purchased an Envisalink module and hooked it up to my ADT system; it nicely mirrors the status of all the sensors on my HA panel without any impact to the functionality of the ADT system itself.
There is other equipment out there that does a similar job, I guess the key is to find something that works with your control panel.
Search for Envisalink and/or AlarmDecoder in the forum - there are quite a few useful threads.

This was what I was sorta looking for. Did you use a Raspberry Pi Zero for each sensor? Like have the sensor wire connect to the Raspberry Pi then have another wire coming out of it to the terminal on the control board for each sensor? Do you have a link to where I can do this on my own. Thanks!

No. House had existing alarm
I literally moved wires from alarm directly to (1)RasPi.
Any pi works but I would not use zero unless you can get gpio screw terminals.

One side of Door/window contact and motion sensor placed to RasPi 3VDC

Other side door/window contact and motion connected to 1k ohm resistor

Resistor connect to RasPi gpio(low/GND)
There are maybe 20 or more gpio on Pi so you have plenty space. I setup binary sensor in HA and test.

This create normal high circuit when door/window close or motion inactive. Power out low will cause alarm.

I add 12VDC power supply for motion sensor power. Recently I purchased unit that has 5vdc+12vdc out and planned to use that.

To integrate alarm you would connect them using relays switched by RasPi GPIO. It maybe possible to direct connect but likely require circuit that I have not design and may not apply 100% cases. Switched relays will work same as door/window sensors.

An automation would be used to mirror sensor IN RasPi to sensor OUT to Alarm

There are some tutorial online for RasPi alarm .
This is step 1

One.complet step 1, step 2 is use gpio to tell alarm zone open or closed.

3 step is mirror automation

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