Foscam C2 - Image not available

Hi all, below is my configuration for my foscam C2, but on the front end all I get is Living Room(image not available)


  • platform: foscam
    port: 88
    username: username (no quotes)
    password: password (no quotes)
    name: Living Room

Any ideas?

EDIT: All the sudden it decided to work. I changed the user from a visitor to admin and then after a few restarts it decided to work.


I’m witnessing the same situation. Any idea how can I fix it?
I’m using HA 0.67.0 (Hassbian).

The foscam is updated to latest FW and its CGI commands work. I couldn’t see the CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream working but I think it is related to browser issues. Other CGI commands of type CGIProxy do work.


Sorry, I wish I can help. For me all the sudden it had worked. If you haven’t already, set up a separate user that’s for HA and make it an admin account. That’s what worked for me.

Thanks mnl1121.

I’ve just found out that even though you can set a very long password for the Foscam admin console, there is a comment on the set password screen that a password should be 6-12 chars. Once I reduced to 12 chars, it started to work.


BTW, does it work well for you? I see huge delay on the video stream on HA comparing to Foscam’s IP Cam Client. I wanted to test the MJpeg (generic mjpeg camera on HA) but foscam support just answered that the C2 does not support it…

Yeah it works really well when you click on the stream. If you don’t there’s a large delay, but when you click on the stream it refreshes about once every half a second.

I see that now. Any idea how to make show like the Foscam IP Cam client does?

Are you running on a Raspberry Pi? I don’t think you can get it to refresh as fast as the Foscam IP Cam client does as the Pi isn’t powerful enough. I’m willing to bet that if you moved to a NUC or something else that’s more powerful it will stream at a higher FPS.

Yes, RPi3. I’m still on the playing phase with HA, just started to gather some sensors, actuators, etc. I’m planning on moving to NUC or similar once all will be proven. Thanks for the tip!