Foscam Doorbell VD1 & VC1 - chime options

I recently purchased a Foscam VD1 doorbell, hoping to integrate it with my existing doorbell chime and wiring. I’m in the UK and have a Greenbrook Electrical DHT01A-C chime - this is a mechanical chime with the transformer built-in and rated at 10.1 VAC. After installing per instructions, with the included power link cable, the solenoid in the chime generates a continuous buzzing noise.

After some research, I think the issue is that the transformer doesn’t have enough power to support both the doorbell and the chime together. There’s not a lot of info out there on the Foscam setup; the instructions specify 8-24V AC with 8VA power but from reading online I see a lot of people suggest 16V+ with 30VA+ power to run a ring doorbell and chime. I’m struggling to find anything neat and simple that matches that for the UK.

I’ve spoken to Foscam support and they suggest buying their wirleess chime VC1 - does anyone have experience with it and is it any good? I’m not that keen on the idea - it’s more cost, another gizmo to plug in the wall, and I worry it’ll add latency, plus it adds a dependency on wifi too. But if it works well it looks like being the least-hassle option.

Any thoughts on it, or other options that might work for me? The ideal would be a straight-up replacement mechanical chime with built-in transformer that has the required power but I can’t find such a thing for UK 230-240V.

Thanks in advance,

I encounter exactly the same problem as you with a Mechanical Chime.
this story of hysteresis of the magnetic coil.

In my opinion there could be two main reasons:

1/ actually a power supply that is too weak (my chime transformer is 8v AC and 1A, it is supposed to be ok)

2/ the wiring of the “Power kit”, which seems simple on paper, but which in the end does not really explain WHERE to connect it because each Mechanical Carillon with transformer has different terminals.
Mine for example only has the connection of the doorbell wires available, and in my opinion the “Power kit” must be connected to the transformer output, not in parallel on the doorbell wires…
To see and confirm

For my part, I ordered the Foscam VC1 to solve the problem.
Currently it’s a waste… the VC1 remains silent despite the fact that all the necessary configs are correct.
I don’t understand.

Moreover, the VC1 is not just a WiFi chime, it is also a WiFi extension point, and it adds two SSIDs which I don’t care about and which ultimately pollutes the rest of the WiFi in my network. nothing to do with that
It also integrates a “night light” which turns on a light (also reacts to sound) nothing to do with that

I need a WiFi Chime, nothing else

Today I sent a long email to Foscam support to describe the config etc with screenshot and company.
I am waiting for their return

a little additional clarification

When using a VC1 it will be necessary to power the VD1 doorbell from another source than the existing Mechanical Chime.

and a purchase of a transformer or power supply in addition… and which logically will be at the top of a wall (place of the current chime… for the bell wires)

Personally I will return the VC1 I think and find a mechanical chime with all the connectors available to test

Thanks for the feedback! I did end up ordering the chime. The VD1 doorbell can run off the transformer of the existing chime so that bit is fine.

The chime itself works ok for me - you have to set up a “Smart” action in the Foscam app with a condition (“When video doorbell”) and an action (“Chime bell”). There’s a ~1s delay and the chime itself is quite buzzy on loud volumes. I’m not very impressed but for now, it does a job.

Longer term I’m hoping I can connect the doorbell press action through HA and maybe drive an Alexa speaker or something along those lines.

Hello I have a problem after setting up my foscam vc1 as going by the manual and when I was done doing the sound waves it said wifi connecting the when it was communicating with the server it said ready for wifi config and it didn’t connect