Foscam ip intergration

Hello, how can i intergrate my foscam camera’s to hassio?

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That dont works :confounded::disappointed::pleading_face:

you’ll need to provide more information…

What model number of camera is it? what is your config code? what do you mean it doesn’t work?

I get “image not available” as error

Model is FI9831P V2

What do you mean with configcode

the code you used to try to set up the camera. This is my set up on a FI9821P camera:

  - platform: foscam
    username: !secret cam_user
    password: !secret cam_pw
    port: 8005
    name: Dining Room

Are you sure you have all of the parameters above set correctly for your camera?

how and where do you get the port from?


this now my config

Look in your network settings on the camera itself.

do you have a screenshot for me where to find?

i cant find it

Which software is this? I have this but i cant see the picture from the cam

that looks like a Foscam app not the camera configuration web GUI.

to get to the GUI you need to put the camera ip and port into your web browser (XXX.XXX.XXX.XX:PORT) then it will ask for your username and password that you set up on the camera itself.

The port is 88
So now i know that, what do i have to do?

in your browser address bar type in your camera’s IP address and port. For example:

Then it should load the camera web interface and ask for a username and password.

Once you enter that information then you should see the screen similar to the one I posted above.


this is in the config now but it dont work even, what do i have to do now?

Did you solve the problem? I’m having exactly the same problem with the same configuration. my cameras are FI9805E and FI9900EP. thanks

No i don’t get it to work i am waiting on anwser

I use a FI9800P and i’ve the same problem. No image on my lovelace picture-entity card

So you get a picture on the states ui?