Foscam ONVIF works ~1% of the time

Does anyone have a Foscam that claims to support ONVIF PTZ and are using the ONVIF integration for it?

I’m trying it out and it seems to work about 1% of the time

I make a service call, like:

entity_id: camera.turret_prof0_name
pan: LEFT
speed: 1
distance: 1
move_mode: ContinuousMove

And maybe, just maybe, it will move. It never returns an error, but about 90% of the time, nothing happens. 9% of the time, it moves just a teeny tiny bit. And 1% of the time, it actually moves a good bit.

I’ve tried GotoPreset calls, but those do nothing.

I’ve also hacked together a couple scripts using node-onvif so that I could see all of the return information. With those, the camera is returning success messages, but it never moves at all.

Has anyone experienced similar with a Foscam camera, or even other? Were you able to get it to work?

You ever figure this out? I recently bought a Foscam HT2 I think it is, same exact issues as you are having.

I was in touch with their support and they claim everything should work correctly, then wanted me to download some windows executable to “verify”, but I do not have any windows computers, so that was a no go. They have since stopped responding to me.

In short, Foscam is a Chinese company that is reselling some generic hardware with their own firmware on it for cheap. If you want to buy into the Foscam ecosystem completely, and potentially relay a lot of information to them (note: I didn’t check if anything suspicious is happening, just a hunch), then their apps work fine. But if you want to use any other NVR system and control the camera otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Thanks for following up, that’s a bummer, because its a nice camera for the price. Guess I’ll strike Foscam off any future purchase lists.

I haven’t tried any with ONVIF support yet, but have been really happy with Amcrest cameras. They have similar price points.