Foscam streaming to TV via HDMI

I am running several Foscam IP cameras (C1, R2) with home assistant and everything is fine.
Now I want to make at least one of the cameras to stream to the RP3’s HDMI port so that if I switch the TV to that HDMI input to see the camera stream. Is that possible?

No one? I think I need some player on the RPI that I will control with Home Assistant to run the IP camera stream to HDMI > TV.
Use case:

  • someone at the door, bell-ringing, home assistant shows the stream on the TV.
  • my kid’s room, etc. - so I can switch to HDMI3 port on the TV while I watch TV, etc.

I am running HA with AIO installer, Jessie, RP3.

I’ve done it with kodi. Topic closed