FOSDEM Energy Devroom CfP until 3 December

Hi Home Assistant community, I’m involved in organising the Energy Devroom at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels on 4 February 2023. We want your presentations related to energy systems and energy usage. Straight up project presentations are welcome but tangible applications and use-cases are preferred, so are stories & lessons for community building in the energy industry. With the Home Energy Management module, Energy really has a priority within Home Assistant. I know of people that have automated their home to respond to dynamic pricing by optimizing heating and charging an electric car when the sun is shining. Such examples would be a good demonstrator of what is already possible. As there will be an audience of software developers, please do highlight the technical details like the algorithms and integrations that make it work. The morning will be virtual, the afternoon will be on location, so we accommodate both pre-recorded and live presentations. We hope to provide a stage to many communities like yours that have a relation to energy. The deadline to submit a proposal is 3 December.

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