Found a way to control spotify (Android + 4 apps)

Several people want Home Assistant to control Spotify.
Well… it is possible. And you only need to buy 1 app for simple things :wink:
Essentially unified remote is an app to control things with your phone. It has simple spotify controls in the free version
How to tell it what to do? Enter “Tasker”, n automation tool for android. It has a trial but no free version.
How to get HA to talk with Tasker? There is another app, AutoApps. It can accept “commands” to push into tasker.
How to get a command to AutoApps? Well, I created a Join notifier component that can send commands to AutoApps. So of course you also need Join.

Now how do those work together? Simple example.
You want to play/pause for a certain HA event. Set up your event to send a Join notification to your phone with the message “sp”
In Tasker add a Profile with the Condition Event -> Plugin -> AutoApps -> CommandFilter: “sp”
Add an action to the Profile Plugin -> Unified Remote -> Remote Action -> Spotify -> Play pause

Now when your notification in HA is triggered it’ll go through all those apps to toggle your play/pause status.

I haven’t found a way to select specific tracks, but at least you can play/pause/next.

That’s it for now, at least for some of you spotify fans this might be helpful :wink:

this does the trick aswell