Found an old Ipad 2, Does it worth to usi it as dashboard?


I found in some boxes an old ipad2 and I am thinking to use it as wall mounted dashboard. Are people have any similar setup? What is your experience? Does Home assistant app in iOs works? Does it worth all this or I should go and find another second hand tablet?

Thank you

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you can allways try accessing HA with the browser on the tablet, if the app will not work.

Here an iPad2 with ios9.3 doesn’t work: Lovelace in safari gives a ton of errors, the app doesn’t start, and newer browsers do not load under 9.3.
From what I see on the net, a cheap tablet such as a Fire would be better.

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I just did get it working. =>


Unfortunately, to me, it doesn’t work :frowning:
After “login” through Trusted Networks appears only an Home Assistant logo and nothing else

I’m having a similar problem on an iPad Air running iOS 12.5.5. Swiping down, as in ‘refreshing’ the page, appears to load the dashboard for me.

Im trying with my ipad 3 (ios 9.3.5)

And all the config yaml is correct (tested on newer versions and even on PC).

But on my IPAD, got stuck seen the Home Assistant logo and title, and right below the text “Initializing”
(screenshot below)

And thats it… nothing else happens…
Tryied on Kiosk app, Safari and Chrome (all on iOS 9.3.5)

Anybody having this issue ??

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Hello community,

I have successfully put into operation an old IPAD2 with iOS 9.3.5 via VNC. For this I set up a docker container Firefox-Desktop-G3. I connected to this container from the computer via VNC to log in to the Home Assistant. Then press F11 for full screen mode. I use VNC Viewer on the ipad and can therefore use home assistant on the IPAD2.

I hope it helps some. Sorry for the bad english. I used google translate.


Try using Tileboard. TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant - #2334 by JesseWebDotCom

Maybe it will help.
Alternatively just use an Amazon Fire tablet for ~20€: buy, reset/configure, debloat with the Toolbox, install Wallpanel

Hello everybody!
That was/is a wonderful idea!.
I’ve got an old IPAD 1 (with IOS 5.1.1) and no broswer in such ipad (old Chrome and old Safari) was working because old SSL protocols.
So I read this post and I installed this docker container accetto/ubuntu-vnc-xfce-g3 that you can find in, just using:
docker run -d -p 25901:5901 accetto/ubuntu-vnc-xfce-firefox-g3:latest
Then in old ipad with VNC installed, I just provided VNC mapped port (25901) and default password and there I had the xfce desktop with firefox. So i could launch firefox and HA inside it and control it through the IPAD 1.
Thanks skalec!


Great idea!
I have 2x iPad 2 and I was wondering how I could make it work with HA, but as we know, it is too old.
Finally, I found about your guys idea here and now both iPads are connecting via the VNC option.
I have created container in Proxmox just for the iPads to connect. Very simple and easy to implement.

Thanks a lot for the idea. @jpcozar and @skalec