Found an Zigbee alternative to Lutron Pico remotes if anyone is interested

This is an oldish product which I never ended up investing in as I discovered how to integrate my Lutron RA2’s picos into Home assistant. I like my Lutron system as it always works regardless of internet etc. and the PICOs are bound to the Lutron system first so they can trigger scenes and lutron lights without HA.

Lutron used to sell Zigbee remote which I tried… but could only get two buttons to work. That was two years ago, i might dig that up and see if I can get that to work now as HA has come so far in such short time. Also my zigbee controller is a conbee and not using vera any longer(i know…)

I have revisited this product recently as I have some Zigbee accent lighting through out the house which cant be direclty connected to the lutron system. The beauty of this is it can be bound directly to a zigbee bulb/led strip controller etc. so it preserves my direct connection to lighting mantra (aka wife approved). I think it is important to have the manual control avail because often when home, I do not keep my phone on my person.

They do sell some additional devices via their website. I checked the website and could not find if they are ETL or UL cert info about a few micro devices for junction boxes (specifically Zigbee). I did a reddit search and the company has not been active on reddit for almost 2 yrs so we will see how that goes. I fired off an email via the website to see if I can get some info on that.