Foxess AIO-H3-8.0-E Inverter

Hi Guys,
in this energy crisis, I installed an Foxess All in one inverter with battery.
Now, I want to integrate it in home assistant. preferable locally.
The inverter is connected through ethernet cable.

I tried both the cloud integration and the local modbus integration. neither seems to work.
Local: GitHub - StealthChesnut/HA-FoxESS-Modbus: Home Assistant Modbus Integration setup for Fox ESS H1 and AC Inverters
Cloud: GitHub - macxq/foxess-ha: Home Assistant & FoxESS integration. Monitor you photovoltaic installation directly from HA ☀️ ⚡️

I get following errors in home assistant:
Local integration: Pymodbus: HA-FoxESS-Modbus-LAN: Modbus Error: [Connection] Failed to connect[ModbusTcpClient(]
Cloud integration: Unexpected error fetching FoxESS data: Attempted to send an sync request with an AsyncClient instance.

I am very sure that my yaml is correct. also, if I want to connect with my laptop through software to the modbus of the inverter, I also get an error.
my yaml code for the cloud integration is also correct.

Note that my inverter model is apparently a “newer” model.

Can someone help me, did I do something, wrong or is Foxess closing you in, in their cloud services?

Hopping in here. Hope to achieve the same thing but can’t get the inverter on the network.

How did you determine the IP-address and can you ping the device?

I plugged in the ethernet cable, enabled “remote access” through the menu, but could not see any device status.
I have tried a ping tool to ping all devices in the range => Not visible.

Any help would be appreciated, and perhaps I can help you then at the next step