FPV Drone/Quad Lap Timer with RX5808

I’m into flying FPV drones and I’m getting better … to the point where I want to try flying RaceGOW which is racing small drones through a path using a makeshift PVC constructed course. Like this. for example:

Anyway, I learned while getting into it that you can build a lap timer with an ESP32. For example this build from Joshua Bardwell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QSqufnOzbs

At the base of these lap timers is the RX5808 module which is a 5.8GHz audio/video module. The lap timer code seems to watch for it to spike on the frequency that your drone is broadcasting at which signals that it flew by. As soon as I learned about these sensors, I zoomed over to ESPHome.io to see if it’s supported and sadly it is not.

What could be cooler than having ESPHome + Home Assistant automations to track, announce, and datalog all your lap times?! :slight_smile:

I’ve opened a feature request on ESPHome for this sensor. If you want this supported too, please give the request a thumbs up/like.

Here’s the link…