Framerate of the Generic IP Camera


I would recommend to include a new parameter on the “Generic IP Camera” component to specify the refresh frequency (frame rate)

  platform: generic
  name: my sample camera
  username: USERNAME
  password: PASSWORD
  framerate: 10
  # framerate in seconds

More and more people are using the “Generic IP Camera” component to display different type graphs, charts, maps and the current refresh time is too short. Apart from that, some wifi cameras (old ones) are slow and not able to send the snapshot so often giving errors all the time.

I think it would be good to have a new parameter to specify how often the component should refresh the image.

Thank you for your support!



I agree. I saw PR for a local camera but IMHO, just adding a simple framerate option along with a default setting if not specified would do the trick.


Yes very nice feature to have

This would also be a nice option for the MJPEG IP Camera component. (btw, I can’t vote :frowning: )


Voted but I’d like it added to mjpeg camera

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Great idea +1 from me…

I’d love this feature.

Me too. Would love to see this feature

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The “framerate:” variable has now been implemented. By setting this to 1, one can display a single framerate per second.

For some ressource hungry applications, like chart drawing with Grafana or Face Detection, this may still be too much. Allowing decimals would enable users to refresh less often, e.g: 0.5 for once every 2 seconds or 0.017 for once per minute.

This could probably be easily implemented!


This is needed really badly! You can workaround this by pasting in a frame rate vs trying to type it (such as .0009), but I’m not convinced it doesn’t still use 1 as the value. Ideally a “seconds” option would be easiest for the end user, but at a minimum allowing decimal values would be very helpful. It’s the only way we have to easily display images fro web pages that will refresh at a set interval, as iFrame doesn’t have the control and doesn’t refresh well.