Free Cloud NVR camera server

I just found out about this cloud based NVR. They offer a free tier for home use it was super simple to setup.
I think up to 15 cameras but there is a cost if you want extended cloud storage time. Still pretty affordable though.

The problem is there is no API access but might be worth pursuing integration with them directly. Just thought I would share for those interested.

Might be possible to add the mobile url to a iframe card. I am testing now but locally I don’t use ssl so the url won’t display. I need to setup SSL and hope that will fix my issue.

Do you mean: ?

Yes thanks for catching that.

Cloud? Bugger that. Remind yourself of the principles HA was founded on!

Cloud nvr mean you must open camera to web?

Camera is likely must insecure and largest potential point of entry for hack. That plus now I must trust random company with both network and video security.

This sound nice but must understand trade-off clearly

@tmjpugh No it does not require the camera to be open to the web. There is a local client that makes a connection outbound. If anything this would prevent you from having to open any ports inbound. I am behind a double NAT so that is not even an option for me.

@nickrout I agree but what about all the other cloud based services that HA already integrates with. Do you not use any of these services? Alexa/Google/Ring/Nest/Alarm etc I think most of the components have at least one cloud based service they integrate with.

Just sharing information here but by all means keep on trolling. :smile:

Just started using this and it is great, did you have any luck with Integration with HA