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How to find what is taking up space? Hidden files are displayed. Normal sized database. Backups have been deleted. What’s taking up space?
Why different sizes?

Сonfig folder 21 Gb. When I select all the files, their size is 7Gb. What takes up the rest of the disk space?

Check the backup folder from CLI.
Sometimes a backup fails and the file is left in the folder, but not registered as a backup, so it is not visible inside HAs backup page.

A normal size database can easily be 15Gb and be stored inside the storage folder of HA or in a docker container as and addon, like InfluxDB.
the storage folder is usually hidden with a . infront in Linux, so you need to do a ls -a to see it in a CLI interface.

Remember that some interfaces like the standard SSH and the web terminal addon is running in another container and may not see the correct picture of HA.
It is like being in Windows and then watching a single network drive on another computer. You do not see the system drive on the other computer or all the files in the program folder. Only the files in the network drive.

I checked all the backup data and deleted them

my SQL base 520Mb

The docker overlays can easily take 16Gb or more.

how to remove them?
the size suddenly doubled. that’s why I noticed

I don’t use docker

Using HA OS ?

proxmox + installation script HA

HA OS is just a minimal linux system built with buildroot with the sole purpose of managing a bunch of docker containers.

If using proxmox, open the console, enter


and run

df -h

you will find the docker overlays in the eight partition.

I did
I found

how to remove unnecessary things?

Sorry, I’m not very good at this