Freelance Dev to make a PID controller (paid)

Does anyone want to make a PID controller integration for HA that has a numerical output as a sensor.

Kp Ki Kd setpoint and feedback input are required.

Unfortunately Im not smart enough to do it myself and Ive spent 2 days w chatGPT and Bard and the results are rubbish.

Please DM me if youre interested. This would be a paid job.

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There is also ha-smart-thermostat and ESPHome’s own climate PID.

Unfortunately @tom_l Ive tried this and there are some issues with it.

Also looks like the dev doesnt have the time anymore to look after the code. Hence my request.

Needs to be a numerical output (not a binary or bool) as it is not going to be used as a climate entity - it needs to control a proportional valve for a water tank filler

The smart thermostat works only boolean, full or nothing.
It looks like the sensor from soloam is using only the maximum and minimum values, no values in between. The reason is that in, in pidcontroller.output he is limiting the output to be between 0 and 100, which looks like percent, but in the previous calculations there is nothing about percent values. So at some point he is missing to convert absolute values to realtive values.