Freelance work

Hello community.

Any pros on here interested in some freelance work? Mostly for Lovelace assistance, but also collaboration on some other things.

I ask because I have a few family members, friends and neighbors interested in using Home Assistant. That said, they are not technical folks. So, I’m wanting to manage everything for them. If this venture goes well… I may offer this in my community. Home Assistant As A Service!

I have a decent handle on setting everything up. Along with system admin and networking skills.

Just about finished with a DIY thermostat, which supports multiple system’s, controlled by HA. Also setup redundant HA servers with 2 Raspberry Pi’s.

My main issue is I don’t have a lick of design skills!

Interested? Hit me up with what you’re comfortable doing, how much time you can dedicate and how much you’d want for an hourly rate. Along with any questions you may have for me.


Take a look at these interfaces, maybe you’ll like one of them. And they are more or less pretty easy to setup.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll take a look.