Freematics ONE+ Traccar Edition + Traccar Integration strugglebus

here is my setup and config thus far:
Desired Endstate: 2x Freematics ONE+ Traccar Edition with a selfhosted traccar container and Home Assistant Integration

Work done so far:

  1. followed this , using @soshial’s fork . Both devices are working and using Twillio SIMs and connected to Rogers here in Canada. I used both methods (VSCode and Freematics Builder) to upload onto the devices successfully.

  2. Working and connected Self-hosted Container using Docker Hub

  3. Home Assistant integration to #2 with device_tracker entities working. (I am not using the Home Assistant Add-on yet because I can’t figure out how to enable and expose the proper ports (5170 and 5055) yet.

not working:

  1. I can’t seem to get any actual car data (fuel, ignition, etc) reporting into Traccar

  2. I have the Freematics App on my iPhone yet I can’t seem to see it as a BT device when powered on and connected in my vehicle. Should I even care about this? I thought I was neat.


  1. Am I using the right container? should it work with the source code via @soshial ?
  2. Source code to compile using freematics builder / VSCode - is that the only repo I need to use?
  3. Am I missing anything else?
  4. If I tried the Home Assistant Add-on again, how do I tell if I have the ports accessible for 5055 and 5170 within the addon working so I can move my port forwarding to that? I have tried netstat and ha cli to the point of flipping tables.

Did you get this working?