Freint Electricity Meter Interface (Develco ZHEMI101)


Running ZHA with Conbee II. I’ve managed to pair the device fine and a power sensor is created (in W for clarification). I’m looking for kWh, which I believe the device can deliver.

Anyone managed to get this to work?


Did you get it to work?

For me it counts the current but the configuration imps/kwh is not correct.

I gave up and switched to Zigbee2MQTT which works straight away.


mine arrived today. But I don’t know how to configure the pulse settings. It seems that by default its on 1000 imp/sec and I need 400/sec.

I found this in the manual.

@rickydg Any Idea how I can solve my problem?

Not sure how to change the defaults, that’s above my tech ability!

I did however, note that the image you posted suggests that it’s an optional setting, so perhaps just leave it as it is and see if it seems about right? I mean, 400-1000 is a big difference, so you’d notice if it said you were using way less than you think you are from what’s plugged in and switched on…?

The device works but the consumption is way to high calculated.

I need to find a way to configure the pulse rate :pensive:.

I suspect it’s likely it has to be changed in the zigbee config somehow, but not sure where to start with that tbh :disappointed:

I’ve posted on the zigbee2mqtt board but no reply yet:

Hey guys,

I do not own the device but I am willing to help you with z2m.

Please join the talk here:

I will need people to test, so i can only help you if I can some help :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Did any one get this electricity meter to work with conbee2? I’ve paired successfully and got kWh but not W.

I think there should be two more entries one for W and second for link or battery status.

I should be able to see current consumption (measurement) but it’s not there.

Any idea how to resolve that issue?

@Rid I got it to pair in Deconz, but it won’t show up in Phoscon. Also the device keeps flashing green in Deconz, and it seems like it’s not reporting it’s name and perhaps some other things properly, don’t know really…

It does report consumption in kWh to Home Assistant, but I am also lacking the instantaneous consumption, meassured in Watts. Which is why I bought this device, so I hope it can be figured out :slight_smile:develco

@rickydg So you got a power sensor for W, and me and the poster above got one for kWh…

How is it wortking for you now?

Still doesn’t show up in Phoscon. Also I still can’t get it to show the instantaneous consumption in watts. I still only get kWh. I’m sure that it should be possible to fix, since I’m guessing that it calculates the kWh, from the W used… Unfortunately I’m not skilled enough.

I’ll refer you to my second post in this thread; Freint Electricity Meter Interface (Develco ZHEMI101) - #3 by rickydg

I gave up and switched to Zigbee2MQTT

Ok, thanks for your reply!

I’m still new to this whole HA thing and have lots to learn. This Zigbee2MQTT, I’ve never heard of. Can i run this in paralell with Deconz and configure the electricity meter there, while keeping my other things on the Conbee 2 or is it “all or nothing”?

It’s an all or nothing approach I’m afraid.

I personally prefer zigbee2mqtt over the other options. It allows more room for growth as you learn how to use mqtt.

FYI, electricity metering sensors and energy management support was just recently added to ZHA, see:

O, thx! I was afraid so…

Thx for the info! Appreciate it. Yet another option to choose from, Deconz, zigbee2mqtt, ZHA… A lot of options in this smart world :slight_smile:

Strange thing about this meter is that I found out that the “power sensor” actually isvisible in HA, if I click on “consumption electricity meter” and then “attributes” it shows power and this value is changed instantly if I turn on some lights or in particular when my boiler kicks in.

But the sensor is not visible in entities, energy dashboard, or anywhere else that I can see… But somehow HA still reads it so it should be there somewhere.

Or perhaps the “power” in Watts, is used to calculate the consumption in kWh, but I still think it should be possible to get them both, even on Conbee/Deconz.

In Deconz, the value is also shown, as instantaneous demand.


As a workaround I use the template integration and the entities attribute ‘power’.
In my case I also devided the states attribute ‘power’ and the attributes state itself by 10 as my eletricity meter is at 10000 imps/kWh

  - sensor:
    - name: "Total Power"
      unit_of_measurement: "W"
      state: "{{ state_attr('sensor.consumption_23', 'power')| float / 10 }}"
      state_class: measurement
      device_class: power
    - name: "Total Consumption"
      unit_of_measurement: "kWh"
      state: "{{ states('sensor.consumption_23') | float / 10 }}"
      state_class: total_increasing
      device_class: energy

Now I have two new sensors.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! After a lot of struggling, it finally worked! I’m very grateful for this! :smiley: Super useful to be able to see the power that’s currently being pulled!

A bit off topic, but you wouldn’t by any chance know of a way that I can use this template sensor to see how many hours per day/week/month it goes over a certain value?

What i’m trying to accomplish is to know how many hours per day/week/month my heater is running. The heater is super dumb, but I know it constantly pulls 6kW when it’s running. So I’m thinking that there might be a way to easily extract this information. Like in a graph or statistic, that ignores anything under say 5900W.