@frenck please read this thx

Hi Franck,

sorry i am German - my english isnt that great.
1st thanks for your work
2nd the pc where i run HA is my system i want some control over it. If i need ro run sound on my System i want to have it.
3rd i am a little bit pissed because some “breaking changes” destroyed my good running System.
4th after restoring my OS Disk from an old running backup - the same “args” happens again. HA is selfupdating and destroyed my setup.
5th i am too stupid to find the description for these breaking changes and other than (not really working) disabling the connection from my system to https://version.home-assistant.io i have no clue how to get my old system back again. Now i am fiddling the 3rd day to start from scratch - i am only using old stuff like squeezebox; mqtt and tasmota; floorplan and AppDaemon - nothing fancy i dont need the newest stuff.

First my audio didnt work anymore
second my Floorplan didnt work anymore
Third the whole HA wasnt working anymore - just the blue banner on top

AppDaemon3 was working fine - AppDaemon4 didnt run without showing errormessages. Even when i start from scratch step by step - sometimes it runs sometimes not.

  • Do you really think you are the one who got all the control over my System and i am just a poor leacher?
  • Do you really think that the addon “Alsa & PulseAudio Fix” - thats not in the official repo - is the right way to close a open bug in github without adding this addon to the official repo or better solve the bug in the first place ?



If you have issues with things, please raise issues on GitHub, thanks.

I find this a bit of a weird post directed at me. The why is a bit unclear to me.

Nevertheless, I’m sorry to hear you are having issues.


please raise issues on GitHub
“You have been blocked from githubs home-assistant for 3 days” - because i asked after not finding “whats the benefit for the newest supervisor” do this fix the “annoying” audio bull ) edit/ after i posted this - just finding the newest supervisor has updated itself while i was busy asking \edit

The starting issue - no audio was already there from another chap - you closed it because of the 3rd party docker addon.

The why is clear as glass you closed the issue.
Its a hard time for everyone right now - everybody is short on the ignition cord but all “my” trouble (and i am not the only one) is after the claim we do it better.

Why all these changes?
Why cant we just get a switch “no autoupdate” ???
I want to have at least a running backup/snapshot before updates do happen.

So please tell me - before i restore my old system the 3rd time - how to prevent HA to do selfupdating/destroying itself?

I close that thread now and if I see a personal thread ever to a person from HA team @Jan.Schmidt, you will receive a lifetime ban.

Second: Why you ask Frenck? I’m the person who did that all and have the lead on this all. So you can hit me but not Frenck.

As short remember: https://www.home-assistant.io/code_of_conduct/