Frequency of updates?


I have the HomeAssistant app runing on my Galaxy S10+, and use the data from there for device tracking.
But there seems to be some issues with the updating - and I am not sure why.
Today, I want to a ride in my car - and it seems like the tracking was working very well in one direction, but not the other way (visible on the map as one direction is indicated with a lot of dots close to each other - and the other direction is just a straight line from one location to the other).
I have configured the phone, so that the App always has access to location data, and never should be put into sleep mode.
I had google maps running with navigation in both directions - so the phone/screen was on…

Any hints on what could be the issue ? Or is there another way to do the device tracking, where regular updates works (also if the screen of the phone is off) ?


One thing to check would be whether you need to allow it access to the GPS when running in the background. I’ve had that bite me on Android 10.

I don’t use the official app for tracking though, I use GPSLogger and have for the last few years (since long before the official app was even a twinkle in a developers eye). That’s never let me down, and can be controlled through Tasker too which is a win for me.

Try these steps, it sounds like the app was getting killed in the background:

Will try to check up on it…