Frequent updates

The frequency of core updates is becoming a bit tiresome lately. Is there any way to get on a stable branch where fixes are rolled out say, once a month, instead of getting an update pushed with minor fixes every other day?

Just skip them( You can even click “Ignore” so you dont see it ), wait for i.e .4, or next month-release(optional version)

PS: people who are affected by a bug , which comes( get fixed ) 2-3 days, a week etc, after major, really appreciate, intermediate updates

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Moved from Development to Configuration category. The developers aren’t going to change their working practices, nor should they. If you don’t want to update all the time, turn off the alerts / notifications. My system doesn’t tell me anything: I update when i feel like it.

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These are bug fixes that people want/need. Just ignore them if you don’t and update monthly.

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I didnt ask anyone to change anything, I asked if there was a stable branch.

Ignoring updates seems like really terrible advice - how should I know when an update is important vs. when its minor bugfixes?

Typically the first release of the month contains the “major” changes and subsequent release for that month are bug fixes. Hence the recommendation to just wait for the last release of the month. This was all discussed recently:

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I revise, my advice , Read the Release Notes (very important is the monthly “Major”), and at every intermediate updates, the very same page is updated, with time-stamp and info, for each

Ignoring wasn’t mend as G.A.S, but mend as Read The Release Notes, and make your own choices. Noone push you to apply anything at a specific time

I have multiple home assistant installs. One at home, one at my shop across town, one at my parents, and one at our family lake house. It’s not feasible for me to install the latest version of the month when about a week after it comes out the next months release comes out.
What I’m asking for is the ability to install previous releases without having to go to the command line to do it.
The capability to install prior releases is there from the command line. I’m just asking for a way to get to it from the ui.

It’s a good point, but I don’t remember the last “important” update from a critical security point of view, and I’ve been here a while.

Keeping on top of updates on a roughly-monthly basis is a good way to avoid a build-up of breaking changes. I keep an eye on this forum and tend to update when the release notes come out.