Fresh burn, no site loads

Howdy all, will admit to being a noob to HA. Followed the simple instructions (burned the latest, connected device with sim appears to boot, see a IP generated on the network) but won’t load from a browser on the network.

I did after connect a HDMI cable and see the login prompt, and during the 10 or so mins, did notice network traffic on the device.

Any next steps suggestions?


The url should be http://<ip>:8123, I don’t think anything runs on 80 per default.

You could also try to use ssh to connect, default login is with username ‘pi’ password ‘raspberry’

Suspecting my network port has gone bad, new unit coming in later today, will retry. It locks up on the network init.

Quick update, it was hanging on the network port init. A new unit cleared all this up, works great. Am curious, is there a way to config the local wireless? Would like to not have the cable taking up valuable port space.