Fresh Install but keep Z-Wave pairings


I have a quite old 0.79.3 home assistant installation. So much happend with the codebase since than (including Lovelace UI), so I feel it might actually be easier to do a fresh install of the current home assistant version than upgrading. However, I really would want to avoid to re-pair all my Z-Wave nodes.

Is there a way take the Z-Wave config over to a fresh install?

Best, Mario

The .xml for zwave stick is everything I believe.
Copy that over to new config and you should be OK…minus customizations like friendly_name

Great, I will try that. Thank you.

Of course, in fact it’s about loosing customizations etc and start from scratch. Especially the nameing has changed (perhaps more than once) since my initial install of home assistant. And I figure it easier to learn everything new than to learn about what has changed and how to upgrade etc.