Fresh install of HA question

I have played around with my installation of debian way to much. Does anyone know the steps to reinstall my current HA setup if I was to start over with a fresh install of debian?
I was thinking of backing up the HA folders and then placing them back in on the new install.

If on PC, give docker a try. This is best for PC or server in my opinion.

On Raspberry Pi it’s anyone’s preference.

Reinstall method varies depending on install method.
How did you install?

I’m running Debian on a Pine64. Installed using the Virtualenv method.

Not that good with venv.
I believe you most login to venv
After that “pip3 uninstall homeassistant” then “pip3 install homeassistant”

There may be simpler or better method

I too run my HA on a Pine64 in a venv. If you are talking about reimaging your Pine, you could make a copy of your HA user’s home directory (/home/homeassistant probably) and fresh install Debian (or whatever you are planning to install). Your *.yaml files are the “bread and butter” you really want to keep, also they are likely “portable” to your fresh new install since the only thing changing will be the underlying filesystem/apps and not the services or components you’ve setup.

As an aside, how do you like the Pine? I’ve been contemplating grabbing another instead of a Pi for a new project, but I’m not sure how the community really likes their systems and how long they’ll be around :slight_smile:


Thanks Chad
That’s what I was thinking. Just not sure if anyone has done it before on Pine. I have a spare SD card laying around I can try it on.

As for the Pine. I love it.