Fresh installation on a Beelink 12 Pro

Hallo Everyone,

I’ve recently set up a Beelink 12-Pro for my fresh home assistant project. My intent was to get HA OS running as the sole operating system, similar to the Raspberry Pi setup. I’ve adhered to the instructions given at Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant.

However, I’ve hit a roadblock - the system only boots HA from USB, with Windows still lodged in the hard disk.

Here’s a rundown of some issues that I’ve encountered along the way:

  1. After a power outage, if my Beelink reboots, it gets caught up in an error message stating it’s unable to load the HA CLI. To set things straight, I have to manually type “login” for a proper boot.
  2. I’ve stumbled upon an error message that reads, “Bluetooth: hci0: failed to load Intel firmware file intel/ibt-0040-1050.sfi (-2)”. I’m unsure if there’s a specific firmware file I need to get my hands on. I’ve been unable to find any information regarding this particular issue.
  3. My downloaded add-ons simply refuse to start.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions you might have to help me navigate these challenges. Looking forward to your responses!


Not sure if you can or want to reinstall HAOS, but if you do try this guide.


Wow, I think that could help. I followed your guide and its installing now HA. Will get back as soon as I have the chance to try it out.

does it reboot automatically after a power outage?

I found your instructions to be more accessible and easy to follow compared to the official one.
Once again, thank you for your time and expertise. It’s greatly appreciated!


Does this procedure work for you without any problems?