Fresh installation on VM, cannot access homeassistant.local:8123

I have a fresh installation of HA os made on VirtualBox, made according to guides on the official page, and I cannot access HA homeassistant.local:8123 (or just but I can access homeassistant.local:4357 - observer where the status of the supervisor is “Connect”.

any ideas??

I’m having the same problems. I can ping the guest from the host by both IPv4 (in host-only mode) and IPv6 (in bridged mode), but I cannot get a Web interface on 8123.

Yes, I set EFI mode. (Or else, it simply won’t boot at all.)
Yes, I set NAT to Bridged.
Yes, the VM responds to ping.
Yes, the VM responds to ping ON 8123.
No, there is no Web interface.

Note: I am testing using bridged mode with my Wi-Fi device (as opposed to Eth). AFAIK, this should not matter.

This is definitely my WTH moment.

Same problem here. I followed each step of the Getting Started so I downloaded the .vdi hassos_ova-5.11.vdi and loaded into VirtualBox VM and created a new VM and run it until the system asks for login

I am running on Mac:
Mac System

the VM config is the following:
VM config-Network

I am anyway unable to access to any of the link below (I put the IP address associated with my router in the last case )

what is wrong? consider I am totally new to it.

Thanks in advance

I ended up installing Home Assistant to a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 box. It was a cakewalk compared to trying to run it from a VM. They must have broken something. If you must use a VM, consider installing a GNU/Linux distribution independently of Home Assistant first, or possibly use an older HA release (no idea which one works and whether or not it can be updated).

Just tested the latest 5.12. Still doesn’t work for beans on Windows Vbox.

Please let me know when the guy who QC’s the VM builds comes back from lunch, because clearly they are out to it.