Fresh Rpi 5 flash of HA no network activity

Hey everyone, a slight HA beginner. I have set it up before for my dad and now doing it for my own. I bought a new Rpi 5 as i thought newest is best right. But when flashing HA and booting up, i tried to connect a ethernet cable but the lights on the network port dont light up and i cant find it on my network. I dont have a micro HDMI to connect a screen to it. But i was hoping any of you had some advice on how to fix this.

Without seeing the screen/log we’re guessing. Plug it into a monitor

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This may be premature, and a total guess as Nathan says, but when you attach the screen and if there is an issue, you might want to check to see if it is this problem reported on GitHub:

Yeah i wasnt expecting much with so little information to give. but i saw some posts about that the HA version for Rpi 5 wasnt fully working but that was a few months ago. so was primarily wondering if there where more people with this issue. But guess i gotta go find a cable i can use!

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There was a recent update that required some fiddling to avoid a boot loop on some raspi devices…mine included.

I had to add this to the config.txt file on the boot partition:

# Added for compatibility with HAOSS 12.3->12.4 bug

Maybe that is your issue?

Thanks! im guessing i would still need a monitor hooked up to the pi for this?

I managed to fix it by flashing HA 12.3 instead of the latest one. So i guess it was something with the new update. Thanks again tho!