Fresh VM install: Unable to access default url

After deleting a complete VirtualBox (6.1) VM and starting over with HassOS 5.13, I cannot access the web console to get started: http://homeassistant.local:8123/

This worked fine on the first iteration using physical network card in bridged as indicated in VB instructions. I don’t see a DHCP address this time in my router either. I have tried multipe browsers, cleared cache…nothing.

No hardware changes at all. No changes to WinOS. I do not understand why this is not reachable.

Edit: I didn’t notice this previously. However, ipconfig shows VirtualBox Host-Only Network on with IP of 192.168.56.x. I don’t use this subnet on my network.

Appreciate any help.

Ran through the VirtualBox assisted setup instead of my selections and magically it worked…Makes no sense…but works…