Fridge - a mobile companion app to track due dates of products

Hello everyone,

I made a mobile app to keeps a watchful eye on those expiry dates.

It relays on Home Assistant only (local todolists), it is open source : GitHub - floriaaan/hass-fridge.

The project support multiple languages (currently english and french), you can contribute to add more translations.

Feel free to try it (I made a readme to simplify installation and use process since I haven’t neither Apple or Google Play developer account), and give me some feedback.

In the meantime, let me know in the comments below what features you’d love to see in the app (like recipes suggestions, link with another todo list to add expiring items to a grocery list).

PS: in the future, I will implement notifications before expirations but I’m waiting for an issue to be resolved :

Thanks for reading me, and maybe taking time to try Fridge !