Fridge/freezer door sensor and Notification light

Hi there.
I want to build a multi sensor of sorts for my garage with ESPHome and an esp8266.
Basically i want two binary sensors from GPIO pins. One for each door of my refrigerator in my garage.
I’d also like to wire up my LED strip that notifies me of garbage and recycling days.

Currently im using WLED for the strip with 5v strip with 20 diodes and a wireless door sensor for the refrigerator.

I figured wled is way over kill for my notifier since i only need it to be all green or half green half red. And i could have powered door sensors for both fridge and freezer.

With esphome i thought i could do this all on one device but I’m not familiar enough with the pins to decide what should go where.

With WLED, the data pin is D6 so i figured i would just use the same. Can i use D1 and D2 for the door sensors? Are there better choices?

If any more info is needed, I’m happy to provide.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: the door sensors are just 2-wire reed sensors so i only need ground and the gpio.

This is a handy reference (scroll down to the table):

There are a few you should avoid, or at least be careful using like D8 and D4.

Thanks so much! This is very helpful. I’ll take a look and see if i can get this thing working.