Friendly name editing in Lovelace UI

I’m using Home Assistant 0.104.2 Hassio.

My nmap device_tracker.[mac_address] entities do not have the gear nor do they show up in entities. When I used version 98.5 it was the same, so I had to put friendly names in customize.yaml. I tried the same thing in 104.2 and the configutation.yaml wouldn’t validate after I put

customize: !include customize.yaml

using the same customize file as 98.5. So I don’t get where to include the customizations in 104.2.

I eventually edited the “known_devices.yaml” file to change the name there and that worked.

Configuration, customization, select the device/entity and edit the attribute you want.

Awesome @flamingm0e! I’m just moving on up from 98.5 to 104.2 and finding things has been consuming a lot of time. Thank you.

I finally got my customization file to work after reading a post about it requiring the “homeassistant:” header in the config file.

I’ll have to look up how to set the icon using Configuration/customization page because when I brought up the attribute “icon” to change, it gave me a message saying it was not set, but then it wouldn’t take anything I typed into the field with the word Icon in it. I’ll figure it out because it must be UBD (user brain damage) !!

Always appreciate the help.

It’s the same format as manually inputting it into your customize.yaml. mdi:nameoficon You can get the name of icon from

Thanks. I use all the mdi icons so I was surprised when it said:

The following attributes weren’t set. Set them if you like.


even though the bulb appeared in the box. Each time I save it, I get the same message. So it must be me doing it wrong. I’ll get it - this is closer than I was.

I also plan to put pictures of people as their icons so once I figure this out, that’s next. I haven’t found out where to put the jpg or png file yet though.

You do have a customize.yaml file in the same directory as configuration.yaml? and you have a line in configuration that says to include it for customize?

If you create a www directory and drop them in there, you can reach the images at https://urlofyourhomeassistant:8123/local/nameofpicturefile.jpg

Hope you don’t mind me jumping in on this thread. I’ve just come across this, and it has (partly) answered a question I have been trying to answer by searching, but without success.
So, I need to create a ‘www’ directory for image files, but where does it need to be, please?

In your config directory.

Please see this:

Just what I needed. Thanks!!

@flamingm0e Yes, my customize.yaml file wasn’ working until I realized (thru this forum) that it needed to be under “homeassistant:” So I’ve been able to add friendly names to my nap device_tracker objects. I’ve gotten the configuration->customizations to work - thanks.

Ok, maybe it’s me but I created a folder named www in the config folder. Than I place picture - Bart.jpg in it. I’ve used my [haserver.duckdns address]/local/Bart.jpg and it doesn’t show up. I’ve tried using http:// and https:// in the icon argument. If I use the local ip address:8123 with either http or https I get the same non-result.

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

Did you restart home assistant after adding the directory like the documentation says you have to do?

Yes - booted several times since then. I’ve tried converting the jpg files to png but that made no difference. I can however, go to /local/bart.jpg and see it with the browser.


under configuration->customizations, I found "attribute to override: Other: and added
entity_picture: /local/picture.jpg
on this post Implement some custom icons I've created? and it worked!

Hold on. How else were you trying to do it?

I was trying to change the icon.
I did not know about entity_picture until I saw an example.

OH! I’m sorry. I thought you were trying to change the entity_picture or I would have clarified that icon and picture are different.

Thanks - I appreciate you sticking with me on this. It seems no matter how much reading I do, if I don’t know what I’m looking for, I don’t find it easily. It’s people like you that make the difference!