Friendly name not updating in Overview Home


I am just starting off on HA and have successfully discovered my Z-Wave network. In the Overview-Home tab I now have a bunch of devices which all have the same name (because they are the same device type). I successfully managed to give one device a friendly name and a new icon (for testing), as verified in the device representation under the “States” menu. However, the device still has the old name in Overview-Home tab (I have not added groups or views yet). Is there some kind of cache I need to clear or can someone please enlighten me why I am not seeing the friendly name in the Overview-Home tab? I am running 0.57.0 and have restarted Home Assistant under Services > Home Assistant > Restart.

The first thing I would try is to reload the cache - in Firefox this is done by holding down the sift button and pressing the reload button with the mouse.

This often clears up the ui when it has changed.

Thanks for your reply. It was not browser caching though, but rather a typical case of noobism. Coming from OpenHAB, I am used to “Entities” being nicely organized per device as “Things”. I was just a little confused, and had renamed the wrong entity.

As a HA newcomer, I would really wish that entities listed under the “States” menu would be organized per device (perhaps as a tree), which would make it easier to see what belongs together. I would suggest taking a look at how OpenHAB has solved this (in PaperUI), which is much more intuitive.