Friendly Names For Logbook Entities

Would it be possible to add an entry somewhere which the logbook notifications could use?


It’s not helpful or clean to have the notification shown in the way it is above. It would be much more human readable if it just told me that the “Alarm Control Panel was changed to Disarmed by Steven Wormuth”…


Friendly names can be non-unique. It would be useless information. There’s already a lot of push-back about using these in other select lists in the frontend.

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There are no friendly names for services, only entities have friendly names. So basically you’re just asking for the information about which service triggered it to be removed? All the other info you’re asking for is already in there.

I understand all that. The idea though is that the logbook should be more understandable to “humans”. Not geeks like me and you. LOL

My wife doesn’t know why the lights were on if it says they were turned on by “service.light.turn_on” or some such nonsense. She wants to read the log entries and have it make sense.

Just a gripe, that’s all. For home assistant to be more widely accepted, it would be handy if the frontend was designed for everyone, and not just us nerds who understand the terminology.

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