Frient Electricity Meter - Develco ZHEMI101 - Zigbee

Hi, I have just got a frient Electricity Meter, integrated with HA via Zigbee2MQTT, but I am having problems understanding the settings (see screen grab attached). What is the value ‘current_summation’ mean, is it price per kwh, for example if I pay 14p per kwh, I would enter 0.14?
Also, how do I add this into the energy section, currently it only offers ‘energy’, but don’t I want ‘power’.
Would be good if someone already has experince with this integration please?

I believe “current summation” is the total increasing count so if you have your Frient attacjed to an electricity meter it will be the total kWh’s of electricity used since you attached the device to your meter.

I too have a Frient energy monitor (well 3 actually, mine are on 3 different solar arrays) I’m interested to know how you got the display you posted above as I too am usung Zigbee2MQTT but my display looks nothing like yours

Maybe repair or update to the latest zigbee2mqtt. Mine looks like the first posting.

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You must have the device which you have to wire in to measure consumption.

The OP has a the Electricity Meter device with the LED pulse sensor.

I’m sorry but I’m not sure who you are replying too here
I have the type linked below (3 of them, each setup on a totally separate meter as I have 3 solar arrays)
Electricity Meter Interface - smart Zigbee meter for home electricity…

I meant to reply to you, but then sorry, I misunderstood the situation.

To show the other options you definitely need to run the latest version of Z2M, then it should show up automatically.

Otherwise just out of curiosity, could you tell me why do you have 3 separate meters with pulse output for your 3 arrays?

Isn’t your inverter intergrated into HA? Why do you need separate meters at all?

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I was sure I was running the latest Z2M but after checking again this morning I realise I wasn’t, THANKYOU.
I have several solar installations at my home
1 Garage Roof - Split system with 2 Samilpower inverters 1 x East & 1 x West (installed in 2012)
2 Shed Roof - DIY system with 3 panels facing East with a Solis S4 Mini Inverter (installed 2018)
3 House Roof - Another split system, 1 x South & East and 1 x West each using a Solis S6 Inverter (installed 2022).
The garage system feeds through 1 generation meter (I get UK FiT payments for this system), the shed system another and the 2 house arrays each have a meter so 4 in total.
I do not like to rely on cloud systems and prefer to keep my data local, I also like to have several different ways to collect my solar data in case 1 stops working for a period.
I use Current Cost Energy Monitoring equipment to monitor my Garage Solar using a device called an OptiSmart (VERY similar to the Frient Monitor) and an identical device monitoring my electricity import. I also have a similar device called a GaSmart monitoring my gas consumption. I would of preferred to use more Current Cost Monitors but they are no longer available NEW and rarely come up for sale on ebay.
As I’m typing this post up I’m also trying to install the latest Z2M but getting an error on start so will sort that then yet you know how I get on
Thanks for your help

I’m now definitely on the latest version of Z2M so thanks for the advise
I now have the ability to set certain factors that I didn’t have access to before like “Pulse Configuration”. “Interface Mode” & “Current Summation”
I’ve set
pulse config to “1000” to match my meters
interface mode to “Electricity”
and "Current Summation to the figure that mt meter currently displays but this does not appear to do what I expected
Has anyone manually set the current summation value and can you explain exactly what its for

I believe that is for to tell the device what is your current meter reading and it will add that to the Energy (Current Summation Delivered). But I think it has been implemented incorrectly in Z2M so it doesn’t do what it supposed to do. I am looking at it, but I am not sure how it should be fixed. Asked KKoenk about it already. It should send an unsigned 48bit value, but I think it sends only an unsigned 32bit value, what the device cannot interpret.

I presumed that was what it is supposed to do but when I tried it it didn’t work, so now I know why, cheers

Does anyone have an update on if we can expect the “current_summation” to work at some point in the future

It has to be fixed for 48bit then it will work. Sorry, no other update.

Any update on this, just checking in.

Last I checked, it was not working.