Frigate-card with multiple streams

I have a reolink camera with both main (4k) and sub (low res) streams. Is there a way to use the sub stream (low res) and the main stream on the expanded o full screen view?

I had a card (had) which was low res connected, and when clicking it opened another card with hi-res…sadly no longer have the code but it did work in the past (used browser mod for the pop-up)

yes, the frigate card 5.0 supports setting up a main and sub stream

Hi Nicolas,
I have the version 5.1.1 and as far I can understand I can add multiple camera entities on the same card, but they are shown as carusel on the card, while I’m looking for a way to show just the sub stream and, when the full screen or enlarge button is pressed, showing the main stream.

I’d suggest reading the docs as the docs cover how to setup sub streams

@spad05 I think what @crzynik is suggesting you is to read this Using live substreams GitHub - dermotduffy/frigate-hass-card: A Lovelace card for Frigate in Home Assistant