Frigate clips won't play on some devices

Same Home Assistant Companion version (2024.1.5-full), same server, same user logged in (for testing). Home Assistant has the Frigate integration and card, from HACS.

On my Zenfone 9, viewing Frigate recordings works fine, it loads and starts playing.
On my wife’s Pixel 8, viewing Frigate recordings does not work. The video buffers, then stops before showing anything. Scrolling forward in the video does nothing either. It just refuses to show a picture.

I also tested accessing Home Assistant from Firefox on the same device, and Frigate recordings play just fine from there. So it’s something specific to the companion app. But I’m out of ideas on what might be different between the two devices.

Anyone seen this before?

I get the exact same thing. I can see the clips but cannot play them back. It all works if I connect to home assistant through Firefox. I tried chrome brave as well only Firefox played back the media.

All works fine in any browser on my desktop.

Same here. Is there a special setting to enable playback on the companion app? Live view is working fine though.