Frigate directory timestamp off by 2 hours

hi folks,
I’ve Frigate as an NVR on my homeassistant HAOS instance, motion and object detection all working sweetly (what a superb app!).
However, the video recordings are stored into the wrong timestamp directory, it’s off by 2 hours. Image attached, but to explain: the correct timestamp in the recording is 2023-05-22/08/cactus/54.04.mp4, however the file is in the 06 hour directory, eg; 2023-05-22/06/cactus/54.04.mp4
I’m on CET and timestamps are correct everywhere in HAOS, except for the location of the saved Frigate recording.
This is not in any sense fatal to operations but is fairly annoying when trying to locate a file. Any helpful suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance!

The timestamps are UTC, by design.

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thanks for your reply, but I’m not sure if you understand my confusion correctly. I don’t mind if the timestamps are UTC, CET, MartianTime, or MickeyMouseTime. What’s disconcerting is that the timestamp hour in the recording is “08” and the timestamp for the directory (file path) is “06”. So was the recording made at 06:54 or 08:54…?

It seems to me as though one part of the application is using local CET time and the other part of the application is using, as you point out, UTC time. Why two different timestamps for the same operation?

The timestamp in the video is whatever the camera set. Frigate isn’t adding that - your camera is.

The file and directory name is always going to be UTC. Frigate handles that.


Gotcha. Many thanks for the clear explanation :+1: