Frigate/Entity Picture card delayed on Pi 4

Hello everyone,

My Problem:
Showing a livestream on my pi4 seems to take like 20 seconds to show the actual live stream when conditions are met. I do not understand why. It does not matter if I use the frigate card or the picture entity card. Shouldn’t a pi4 have enough juice to make this work? More information below if needed.

Background information:
I am running a raspberry pi 4 in kiosk mode. It opens a dashboard page and functions as a magic mirror.
When my door bell is rung, I want part of the dashboard to be replaced with a camera feed from the doorbell. I make this work by using two conditional cards.
When the door bell is rung, one condition is not fulfilled and part of the dashboard is not shown anymore. For the second card, the condition is fulfilled and the stream is shown.

First, it takes like 10 secs to even show a frozen image of the stream. Then it takes another 10 seconds until the stream is actually running. Then it takes another 5 seconds or so of the stream running fast forward to catch up with the actual live stream.
I do not understand how I can optimize this process to show the card and stream, when the doorbell is rung :frowning:

Thanks for the help.