Frigate events disappear and clips don't play

I have HA set up and running on my Intel NUC in a Proxmox VM. I also have Frigate installed and running with my one Amcrest POE camera showing on a Lovelace card on my HA dashboard.

I’m getting a thumbnail showing in events but no clip is generated. Then the event thumbnail disappears after a minute or so.

Eventually I want to move Frigate to a Proxmox container along with a Google Coral but I first need to make sure all is working in a basic setup.

I’ve attached a few screenshots showing my frigate.yml and the event page. Is something not setup properly in my config?

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Your config you are showing is invalid. Events is a property of record but you have them at the same level.

So like this?
Thanks a lot. I’m getting there. Two steps forward and one back.

yes that is correct, make sure you restart after saving the config so the changes take effect

Great, thanks, now I need to understand why it won’t record. I get snapshots but no clips. I’ve looked in MQTT, camera and Frigate settings but obviously missed something.