Frigate go2rtc vs home assistant go2rtc

Hi, I use Go2RTC on Home Assistant to expose the camera to the Home application on iOS. Now, I’ve set up Frigate, which also includes Go2RTC. I tried turning off Go2RTC on Home Assistant, setting up Go2RTC on Frigate, and restreaming the camera to Home Assistant, but the camera is not showing up in the Home app. Is there any option to restream the Frigate camera to Home Assistant and HomeKit without running two instances of Go2RTC? Thank you.

Have you tried the native " Generic Camera" integration ? … or RTSPtoWebRTC ( from the community /Settings/ Integrations )
Or, " WebRTC Camera" through HACS

You can connect any of the HA integrations to the go2rtc streams from frigate

You would use weblink for go2rtc restream just like you would do when reduce connections to camera

Restream port 8554 most be accessible