Frigate Hardware Acceleration setup for Raspberry Pi 4

I am kind of lost on how to setup the hardware acceleration on my raspberry Pi 4 with the Frigate add-on.
I have this documentation but this it not helpful enough for me…

What shall I do exactly?

It tells you exactly what to put in your frigate config, you just need to put it in there

Okay, I will copy-paste the ffmpeg code into the frigate.yaml file. But what about the rest?

“Ensure you increase the allocated RAM for your GPU to at least 128 (raspi-config > Performance Options > GPU Memory). NOTICE: If you are using the addon, you may need to turn off Protection mode for hardware acceleration.”

So I got this after adding the ffmpeg line under the camera settings in frigate.yaml. I guess it’s normal? How to know everything is ok?

yes, rpi does not support gpu stats

So I am good? No need for other set up? And no removing Protection mode or anything?

And by the way @crzynik , my camera is compatible with encoding in h265, shall I still write this in my frigate.yaml?
hwaccel_args: preset-rpi-64-h264

That would work with h265 but also the pi gpu decoder does not support h265 I ffmpeg

Ok so in my case, I have to stay to h264, right? :sweat_smile: